Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charlie & chocolate factory ch 6

Not soon enough there is a two luck finders the name is Augustus Gloop & Veruca Salt. this two kids is not a good person. His mother already knew he will get the golden ticket because he eat alot of chocolate and candy bars.Veruca salt a girl who always ask for something her father always give him anything he wants. Charlie's family didn't like those two kids because they are naughty. Veruca's dad ask for all of his workers to open the chocolate bar to find the golden ticket, his dad always spoil her daughter than thats why she is a naughty girl.

Charlie & chocolate factory ch 12

Charlie wanted a golden ticket his heart is hopeless because he heard that is only one more golden ticket has left. but he was lucky because he found the last golden ticket on earth.his grandpa wants to come with him, the grandpa ask Charlie to read it out loud it says that you must come to he factory at 10 o clock sharp and remember don't be late! Charlie didn't want to go because he will sell it to somebody but he changes his mine than he went to the factory at 1st February.he may bring 1 or 2 members of your family.