Thursday, May 29, 2008

field trip to gunung pancar

2 weeks ago we went to gunung pancar to see the waterfall there it was amazingly beautiful place it has rice field all of the place, the waterfall were heard from far away it was very loud and cold because of the water fall down and it was very far but it was nice to see the water in real life better than picture and books.

when I swam at the water it was very cold and there were many rocks there and there were no bathrooms at all so i change in the place that people won't see me. After having fun swimming we ate lunch i and we ask some question than we continue the journey to get back to the bus it was rockier then the road before we went there and it was so far.

After the long journey we at last reach the bus and I was so happy but the air conditioning was broken so all of the grade five was so hot and thirsty and that's all about my field trip.